Saturday, July 1, 2017

July is here!


Can you believe it?

I swear it was just yesterday when I told myself that I'd update my blog in a week's time after my HFMD post... But suddenly Fei's birthday is over and mummy's birthday is coming already????


Anyway recently I've been craving so much for a short KL trip I dunno why. Maybe I just wanted to spend time with Fei alone somewhere out of Penang. Maybe I just wanted to go see YSL. Maybe I just wanted to leave Penang for a while. Sigh. Maybe it's just my quarter life crisis kicking in.

Yes I went down to KL just only in April but it was for the convo! So we didn't have really a lot of time to go lepak... But we still managed to shop a bit hahahaha. We visited Wen in FGS in Jenjarom, went to Mitsui after that and then back to the city. Mummy found a pair of running shoes in Nike and I finally got the spongy slippers I've always wanted from Nike!!! All at an additional 20% somemore!!! Damn happy both of us hahaha.

US at the convocation! Hehehe. Thank you Fei Fei for driving us all the way down to KL, for bringing me to see Wen, for sitting in the ceremony with mummy and bro even though it was super boring. :*

Oh yes we also went to IKEA on the last day for breakfast! And visited MyTown next to IKEA and had my matcha ice cream from Family Mart!!!

For it to be priced at RM2.90, I'm beyond satisfied. Super affordable and yummy! A friend said she prefers Tsujiri, but of course it'd be better cos it's probably 4 times the price of this Family Mart's one??

Also received graduation present again. :*

From Wen and Fei! This Fei purposely went to get the palette for me after I posted a picture of it on Dayre. 😑 So expensive but I love it!! Hehehe. :*

Then suddenly came bro's 20th birthday omg? Since when is he so old?!?! ... last I remembered he was only a baby...

Brought him and mummy to Metisser for his birthday desserts session since we had late lunch that day at Edo Ichi. :D Metisser's stuffs are so nice but so pricey. T_T Cannot always go or I'd go bankrupt.

Then brought mummy and bro to this Penang Secret Avatar Garden. It was damn jammed sigh. But it was really pretty!

And then suddenly it's Fei's 26th birthday! Hahahahaha my man is now in the third category of age group... ☺ Last I remembered, he was only 16. 🙊 We spent the whole day together! Went for lunch at The Twelve Cups, then headed to Queensbay and explored the newly renovated Aeon hahaha. Then headed to Edo Ichi for dinner and Paragon for desserts! Love you me man thank you for everything. :*

Obligatory birthday selfies hahaha. And a photo of our beautiful Penang taken from Paragon!

And today I bought mummy her birthday present from Jo Malone. Really way out of my league this one lol. Only bought mummy a conditioner. Hope she loves it! :)

Also had our dinner today at Yin's Sourdough Pizza. No wonder they get 9.0 on Foursquare out of 10. Really good! Bro and I shared Eggs Benny. Mummy had a half sandwich with soup.

The egg bursting on the pizza on the cheese omg THAT TASTE. *taste buds explosion*

Then we went to Straits Quay for an evening by-the-sea stroll. Hahaha. Damn extra one me lol. But I like spending a whole day like that with mummy! Ever since I started work I only get to spend time with mummy properly during the weekends.. Plus before I started work I went for my Hatyai trip. :( Had not much time for mummy cos 1 day after I'm back from the trip I started chambering d. T_T Still love you lots mummy. Please don't feel neglected.

I really like how Straits Quay's marina looks like. It looks so... peaceful and beautiful. So quiet and calm. So relaxing. But if I have the money, I'll definitely not get a property there. :x

Now, please allow me to spam photos of the Jo Malone I got mummy. The packaging alone is 101%!!!!! I LOVE IT

THAT BLACK RIBBON. THAT BOX. *hearts in eyes* *MELT*

My next target is to save enough money and buy myself a bottle of Jo Malone cologne! Hahahahahahahaha. Damn ambitious fml. I'll try! But I think by the time I've managed to save enough money, I won't be able to do it. To spend 500 on a bottle of cologne wtf. But just now before we left the shop I suddenly smelled a whiff of scent. THAT I LOVE. But I dunno what scent is that lol. Thank goodness for that.

Anyway, July will be my 5th month chambering! I really like my office. So peaceful but with occasional rush. So nice to work with the nicer people of elder generation. Cos some people from the elder generation can get very nasty as can be seen from a friend's situation. So I really thank god and Buddha and Kuan Yin for giving me a good place! *prays*

I'll be back to crap. Probably after I've stepped foot in KL HAHAHA just joking. I'll try to come back and crap more, to keep my online diary updated more. But really I crap more in Dayre cos it's super convenient being able to update on my phone on the go hahaha. But blog is a different thing. It's been here with me since I was 15. I will not throw you away my dear blog!

Till then, goodbye! 😊

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