Friday, February 16, 2018

Chinese New Year is here!

Wah Chinese New Year is here!!!


So happy that CNY is finally here!! Cos I get to wear new clothes hahahahaha.

No photos to update yet cos I'm so lazy to edit them on VSCO.

But here's one!

Our V night photo hahahahahaha. Fei tapao-ed McD and spent the night with me at home. Happy V day Fei! Our 10th V day hahaha will there be an 11th? 💨

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Turning 26

I'm 26! 😥

How's that even possible?? Last I remembered I was just celebrating my 21st? ...

Anyway me 26th was a simple one! Simple meals with family and friends in simple places. Happy enough spending time together.

Received simple presents that made me happy! Han baked me a birthday cake, Wen got me an Innisfree set, Fei and bro YSL and Chanel lippies 🙈, SM got me Lovely Lace's lotion and body wash. :D Thank you 💛

Had my early birthday lunch at Mansion 32 with mummy and bro which was a very spontaneous decision hahaha. I thought it'd be like 100+ per person but no? The set lunch menu was quite affordable. Not too bad!

Then Fei brought me to Mario's Italian Restaurant which in my opinion is quite overpriced. :( And their line so cacat nearly charged Fei twice. 🙄

Lighting like this is so good cos you can't see my dark circles hahahahaha.

And then had dinner with Wen and Han after work!

Han baked me this cake!!! And cut made the decorative flowers herself!!

Me ladies.

Then SM booked me over the weekend also. We had Sushi Tei for lunch wtf this girl damn idiot always asking me to finishing things that she's supposed to finish. I'M NOT YOUR BF HELLO

This filter sums up our relationship. 🤷‍♀️

Thank you everyone for the great company and time. 💛 Love you all loads!

Sunday, December 31, 2017

A recap of my 2017

Happy New Year's Eve and Happy New Year! A little panic that 2018 is coming and Fei's turning 27 why does 27 sound so old???

Anyway here's what happened in my 2017~

1. I turned 25. (duh)

2. Prepared steamboat at home for CNY reunion dinner!!! (Finally after years of saying)

3. Brought mummy up to Kek Lok Si during CNY and made a wish to Kuan Yin, hoping I'll be able to find a good place to commence my pupillage.

4. Traveled out of the country with Fei twice. Not far, just Hatyai, happy nonetheless.

5. Commenced pupillage in March!

6. Down with HFMD in end-March fml.

7. Graduated with a professional qualifying cert!

8. Celebrated our 10th year together!

9. First semi-fine dining experience.

10. Meeting my favourite HK female celebrities in person.

11. Receiving luxurious lipsticks! (even though extortion might have been involved in getting 1 of it)

12. Getting Called to the Bar (achievement)

2017 has been good. I hope 2018 will be better. Not gon make any resolutions cos I never keep to it anyway lolol. I just hope I'll be able to get started with kickboxing and travel out of the country with Fei this year for a simple short trip! Fingers crossed! 🤞

Friday, December 29, 2017

Divine Calling


What a great way to end my 2017! :D And it's also like an advance birthday present to me! Hahaha.

Managed to squeeze myself into joining this very very last batch of pupils getting called on the very very last Friday of the year! Me iz batch 2017 yo!

Commenced chambering in March, filed papers in early December, Called to the Bar on the last Friday of December!

I thank God for a smooth chambering journey and for not facing any difficulties in filing my long call papers earlier this month and for not facing any problems on the call day. Thank you mummy for all the prayers, thank you Fei for always being there when I feel like it's not my thing, thank you Wen for always supporting me, thank you Han for always standing by my side. Hahahahaha. Thank you Sao Monkey for always getting angry on my behalf at people who are irritating. Hahahaha you know I know.

Thank you God for landing me in KESCO! So glad the other firms that I sent my resume to did not respond to me. Or if they did, they were not looking for any chambering pupils at that time. Thank you for letting me know my bosses and aunty and uncle. :)

I felt so touched listening to my own speech when I was being Called wtf. I don't know what's wrong with me. Then when my mover was nearing the end of my speech I suddenly panicked wth what if the AGC and Bar and Penang Bar's representatives don't wanna stand and say they've got no objections?!!

But they did la in the end, "Tiada bantahan, Yang Arif". HEAVED A BIG SIGH OF RELIEF IN MY HEART.

Thank you my family and girlfriends and friends for attending my Long Call even though everyone had to get up early to sit through a boring af ceremony in a stuffy court room. Hahaha.

Thank you mummy for everything that you've done for me, thank you for putting up with my tantrums everytime I come home from a bad day. Thank you bro for being my bro. :P

Thank you Big Boss and Boss for everything! For the past 9 months, for the guidance. Hope I made you proud too Boss. :D Here's to many more months :B

Thank you girlfriends for being my girlfriends, for always standing by my side. For getting me my first bouquet of flowers in my 25 years of life hahahaha. For loving me.

Thank you Ah Ma for being so kind and cute and funny. For always making Fei angry. :D

Thank you me man for everything. For just being my Fei. (P/S We're the same height *💪*)

Thank you for all the guidance Traccey! Thank you for helping me with so many things! Glad I got to know you better! :)

Thanks for coming Michelle, it's really nice of you! :D

Thank you Dato' for agreeing to be my mover even though you don't know me hahaha. Thank you Mrs Khaw for the gift & angpow! That was really unexpected haha. Thank you Aunty & Uncle for always answering my silly questions in office hahahaha. Thank you Big Boss and Boss for organising a celebratory luncheon with my family and friends for me!! Really really appreciate it.

Also I am super glad I brought my baby A6000 ok hahahahaha. Definitely made me look better HAHAHA if I used my phone for all the photos I die la I cannot look so geli in my photos on my big day ma rightttttt. And thank you God for the good weather (even though good weather = hot weather) enabling us to get good lighting! No edits made to all the photos except the very first photo above. VSCO filters nia ok!!! :x

From Han & Wen ❤ IT'S SO PRETTY T__________T

From Traccey, this is so sunny and bright! Felt so happy looking at it! 

From company!!! Thanks Boss! ❤ the Baby Breaths are so pretty!!

Imma find out a way to dry up all the flowers!! T_T They're all so pretty I can't bear to throw them away when they wilt. :( :( :(

Thank you everyone for everything, really. From the bottom of my heart. 💕

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Season's greetings

You better watch out, you better not cry,
Better not pout, I'm telling you why~


Not yet... but in less than 2 days' time! :D Christmas season is always so merry and joyful I love December! :D

Anyway since my last post I've filed my long call papers in KL, and also gotten my long call date!!! :D :D It's this coming Friday omg it's so surreal. :O I remember I was just starting chambering??? And now 9 months have passed? 

Thank you Buddha and Kuan Yin and all Gods for making my chambering period a smooth sailing one.

Anyway just dropping by to post 3 photos. :P Yesterday Fei picked me up after I returned home from office for our usual Friday night, but dropped by Paragon to shit first before he picked me cos I wasn't leaving office yet. -_- And when he picked me he passed me something!

I iz gots TWG macarons!!

Thank you me man for little unexpected surprises like this. :B Me man spoils me. Which is bad for me. :/ (and sometimes the market.)


I'm glad that 2017 has been good to me. :)