Thursday, April 20, 2017

Surviving Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease (HFMD)

Last 2 weeks on a Thursday I was diagnosed with HFMD fml max.

It started on Tuesday when my throat felt super sore. And then on Wednesday I was shivering in the office wtf. It wasn't even raining super heavily. Drizzled for a while and then the sun came out again. Fan was only on speed 1 and aircond wasn't blowing at me. Then I saw red dots on my fingers which I assumed to be paper cuts because I was handling my forms and stuffs and I thought I carelessly got cut by papers again like when I worked in DP. I ignored the dots but then after a while it quite bothered me. Still chose to ignore it.

When I got home that night, it was becoming quite painful at the slightest touch... :( even holding my phone feels painful. I was wondering why are these paper cuts so sensitive now when before they almost never bothered me at all?

Then on Thursday morning I saw that there were another 2 dots forming on my toes WTF. Mummy thought that I was just heaty and asked me to drink more water. Yah I thought my inner system was overloading too.

Half way working I had to go affirm some documents I think so I went out. Car was obviously hot under the sun so the steering was super hot and when I touched the steering my hand felt like it's gon burn up. But it also provided me a bit of relief cos the dots on my hand by that time was getting super painful. :( Couldn't focus on my work at all on that day cos the dots were bothering me that much. Then at around 4.50pm I finally couldn't tahan anymore and decided to ask Aunty if she knows what are the dots. She thought that they're measles cos the weather was erratic with the rain and sun coming and going as it pleases.

So called mummy and then drove home and went to the doctor. By that time the soles of my feet already had more dots formed and they were fucking painful and sensitive. Plus my weight wasn't helping la ok. Zzzz.

Doctor had a glance at my palms and feet and he went like "HFMD".

NEVER once in my life have I ever thought I'd get it. I only knew about HFMD because 1 of the case we learned in AL talked about it wtf.

That was 30 March 2017, Thursday. Skipped work on Friday.

And guess what, we already bought tickets for Beauty and the Beast on Saturday!!! NO WAY I was going to miss it! Felt like shit on Friday but a bit better on Saturday so I went to watch the movie anyway hahaha with hoody and leggings and sneakers. Kept telling myself to be positive but it was difficult because whenever I see my palms I felt like crying sigh. And coupled up with the fact that convo was coming up in 2 weeks' time wasn't helping also.

But then finally on Sunday it got better and from then onwards the blisters and the sores started drying and the pain started fading. Thank god for that. :(

I have no idea who passed it on to me or where did I catch it. Sigh. But for anyone of you who stumbled upon this post and want to know how long it took for the blisters to dry, mine took around 4 to 5 days starting from Thursday. But the blisters on my feet took a bit longer, around 1 week.

And if you want them to heal even faster, I believe using all sorts of essential oils help! If you have a bath you can go for lavender bath everyday, I think it'll speed up the healing process double time lol. But since I didn't have any oils or a bath I just waited for them to heal naturally stressfully. Lol.

But I did apply tea tree oil on them! It seemed to make them dry quicker so you can try applying tea tree oil on all the blisters and sores too!

If you wanna know how it looks like, lol enjoy the pictures below.

Day 2, 31 March

Day 3, 1 April

Day 4, 2 April

Day 5, 3 April

Day 6, 4 April

And fast forward 1 week and 3 days after I was diagnosed with it...

Couldn't stop myself from peeling my fingers... :X

So good luck peeps if you're diagnosed with it! Spam water everyday and gargle your mouth with super concentrated salt water!

Oh yes, one thing I'm super thankful about is that there weren't that many ulcers. Or maybe it's just that I got used to having ulcers. Still very thankful. Ulcers always make people feel like shit.

And symptoms for HFMD are flu, fever and sore throat. AND you will lose all the appetite to eat anything. But it will all come to pass. :)

My fingers look damn ugly now with all the peelings happening but it's okay, at least they're not sensitive and painful anymore!

Edit: fast forward another 3 weeks...

Fingers all fine now and feet are starting to peel! :D

Saturday, April 1, 2017


An hour ago I was so bored from my work of researching for cases which cannot be found so I stopped and went on my blog and looked at my old posts. 2010 posts. Lol. Yup really bored lol.

And I found that I could actually write better, express myself better with words previously. Maybe that's why I stopped blogging. Or is it because I stopped blogging that I couldn't express myself with words that good anymore?

Lol anyway.

Found this post.

This was me 7 years ago. Ok maybe 6 years plus ago. When I was still young, when my age group was still in the first category, when I just completed my NS...

To think that I've actually completed my Law degree in 2015 (!!!) when I didn't even have the confidence to take it up when I was 18 and a half. Hahahaha. It's really a miracle I pulled through my degree.

I think I was really quite stressed up on what I wanted to take. I was going to give up on Law and proceed to register with TARC for a Business course. Cheaper, easier, less stress. Whatever happened to that plan I cannot recall anymore lol.

But if I had taken Business at that time, I would've started working earlier I think. Haha. Now that I took up Law, I'm still stuck with chambering before I can actually earn proper salary. Oh well. That was the choice the 19 YO me made. Lol. I also cannot recall why did I decided to fuck it and just register with Law

Oh wait maybe I do remember... I think it's because mummy was a bit sad when I told her I am going to register with TARC for a Business course instead of the Law. Lol. And cos Fei asked me to just go for it if that's what I like. Wtf.

So one day I just went up to the 19th floor of the UMNO building with mummy and registered for the course. I was really brave wtf choosing a course like this alone with no friends. And then I kinda stuck around for a few years till the end of CLP lolol. I was with ATC for 6 years!! A Levels up to CLP omg am I loyal or am I loyal hahaha. ATC Penang all the way!

I am writing this post to remind my future self or anyone else who reads this hahaha that anything's possible. Don't let our own doubts beat us! We can do it!

And currently at this time of writing, I'm down with Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease (HFMD) sigh. Whoever the fuck that passed this to me, I hope you won't pass it to anyone else. It's really quite horrible. I hope I'll recover in time for the convo in KL on the 12th of April! *prays*