Thursday, June 5, 2014

Bio-Essence Hydra Tri-Action Aqua Moisturizing Gel Review!

Okay I'm gon get all self-obsessed and do another very short review on this Bio-Essence moisturizer that I bought er... a week and a half ago. No worries, no face of yours truly will be shown so no nightmare!

Okay shall I start? Lolol.

Like the previous Origins review, don't expect too much, I'm doing this review *shy* just cos I wanna help others who are looking for reviews for assurance before getting a product. And I also wanna help people who are facing DILEMMAS in choosing which brand to get! LOL. Cos I also very mafan and leceh and INDECISIVE one when looking for stuffs that I wanna splat on my face for the rest of my life.

Okay okay.

Not very attractive hor the tub? LOL okay okay it's irrelevant, what matters is what the content does okay. BUT STILL.

I've read a lot of reviews on other brands of moisturizer that's contained in tubs before, and most of the ladies don't like them in tubs because of hygienic purposes. They say they prefer those in tubes or pumps so that we don't have to stick our finger into the tub and fish the content out. For me, I'm fine with it, so long as it doesn't cause me problems, I don't know what problems, just any problems lol. It's not difficult to fish out the gel, the mouth of this Bio-Essence tub poses no problems.

So other than not looking like what I expected it to look like, I guess it's rather problem-less. (No, that's not a word, I just like to invent my own words.)

Like what it says, moisturizing GEL. It's gel, watery gel. Not creamy at all, suitable for all skin types especially oily skin! Which is me, really.

I personally HATE moisturizer cream/cream-gel or whatever shit that says cream because they're not good for my freaking oily skin and will cause breakouts on my face if I use them. =_= I do not care how lightweight those cream are, I just won't even consider to get it if they're cream. I'll straightaway cross them out and they will forever be thrown aside in my list.

POINT: for people like me which have slight eczema problem, and oily T-zone and cheeks when you wake up BUT dry cheeks with flakes after cleansing, so hear me, we're really having this super annoying combination problem - COMBINATION skin. So yah my skin condition sucks (probably inherited it from dad) though I was born very fair like Snow White (^^ inherited from mummy and dad) but now I'm dark and don't bother to use whitening skincare lolol. Sorry I sidetracked lol.)

Anyway, combination skin - BEST to use gel moisturizers. Maybe you can try the cream ones, or the gel-cream ones, but I'm not that brave to risk trying them on my face to see the results, even if they may prove to be performing even better than the gel ones on my face.

So this is how Bio-Essence Hydra Tri-Action Aqua Moisturizing GEL looks like. It's in a very pretty hue of baby blue which I LOVE!!! (Can't find a nice-enough baby blue in the color pallette so I choose not to color the words 'baby blue' or else the colour will do the hue of the gel injustice!) By the way, it's in baby blue colour because it's Aqua - water, geddit? Lol.

It's very lightweight and as you massage it into your face, it becomes watery and very cooling on our face! So nais, I looove it like that! PLUS, it's NOT sticky at all.

Yes I know I'm hairy, I'm sacrificing myself to show you how the gel looks like actually. So yeah it looks like that lol.

So I've been using this for around 11 days - yes I do realize it's not been even 2 weeks yet - but so far, so good. *touch wood* It's quite nice on my face and I kinda like it. The scent is rather pleasant, so no worries. It's not a very strong scent. :3 My skin also looks better already by using this in the morning and Origins in the night. :)

BUT, after I finish this, I'm gon try Olay's Aquaction next. But it'll probably be a long way to go still, lol, cos I'm actually only using this in the morning and the Origins one in the night. The actual reason I bought this Bio-Essence is to reduce the usage on Origins so that it won't finish so quickly, cos Origin's realllyyyy fucking pricey. T_T But turns out this is good too! :)

By the way, this is priced at RM49.90 and can be found in major pharmacies eg Watsons, Caring, Guardian. I actually bought this at 20% discount hehehe it's on SALES! So it's around RM39.90 when I bought it. :D

So to whomever that actually stumbles upon this post (if ever), good luck! Don't despair, for I also am facing the same problem with you (if you have combination skin/oily skin/need oil-free products)! If I can find a solution to my freakish skin condition, so can everyone else! :D


I guess this post isn't that short after all. So long for a short review - omg geddit geddit? Pun intended! - hahahaha!!

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Anonymous said...

I started using this face gel a month ago and m getting painful stinging eyes on every apply. Just wonder my eyes are allergic to the 3x hyaluronic acid but overall i m happy with the hydrating effect. Have to stop using now :(